Xtinct Hawk Rally - An Overview

Typically referred to as "bay thrush" (Turdus ulietensis); a mysterious fowl from Raiatea, now only identified from the painting and some descriptions of a (now lost) specimen. Its taxonomic position is Therefore unresolvable at present, Though for biogeographic causes and due to the surviving description, it has been advised to have already been a honeyeater.

New Zealand fantail subspecies which was thought of pretty much extinct in 1924 instead of observed by surveys 4 several years later on.

A subspecies of your cackling goose (previously "lesser Canada goose") which can be doubtfully distinct from the Aleutian a person.

This subspecies from the Micronesian kingfisher grew to become extinct while in the wild in 1986 when 29 birds ended up taken for your captive breeding programme, which happens to be ongoing. Its decline was caused by the depredations of introduced brown tree snakes.

Explained from subfossil bones in 1985. You will find persistent rumors this bird, which was under no circumstances noticed alive by researchers, may still survive. Look at Puerto Rican nightjar and previous.

Previously in Streptopelia. There seems to are already not less than another species of pigeon on Réunion (possibly an Alectroenas), but bones haven't but been found. It disappeared simultaneously.

Only known from only one specimen, this rail is most likely superior positioned in its personal genus, Edithornis. There are some unconfirmed the latest data that recommend it nonetheless survives, and so it can be officially categorized as critically endangered.

A mysterious fowl acknowledged only from only one specimen of not known origin. Extensive considered a hybrid but verified as a sound species in 2009 as a result of DNA Assessment.

The species from the kĊkako is generally thought of extinct, because it has not been reliably recorded since 1967. However, current reviews from Fiordland propose a populace could exist.

"Leguat's big" or géant, a hypothetical huge rail from your Mascarenes called Leguatia gigantea, is based on his descriptions of flamingos, as Leguat wasn't familiar with their French title flamand or thought that it referred to other birds (it had been in his time sometimes utilized for spoonbills, such as).

This subspecies from the metallic pigeon is simply recognised from a footnote in John Latham's Normal Record of Birds, and seems to have died out some time in advance of 1800; maybe, the location is erroneous plus the Take note really refers to the extant populace on Fiji.

The West African subspecies of Turner's eremomela hasn't been recorded Because the finish of the nineteen seventies but there's unsurveyed habitat get more info in its variety where it is probably going to survive. Placement in Cettiidae demands affirmation.

An enigmatic hen acknowledged from two or four perhaps migrant specimens, final recorded in 1918. May exist in northeast Indochina and may be a subspecies from the Hainan blue flycatcher.

The nominate subspecies of your Nicobar sparrowhawk– which is at present shown as susceptible– is maybe extinct.

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